Hero Jantinus Kloese

Jantinus Kloese

The terms 'sharp' and 'calm' characterise Jantinus Kloese.

Sharp in the field of information gathering but especially in the field of analysis. Important core qualities of an excellent researcher.

Within NLOI, Jantinus brings an enormous amount of experience in the field of damages investigation and specialises in blame investigation in the context of complex liability issues.

In addition to specific investigative qualities, Jantinus brings business management qualities to the complex investigations he conducts on behalf of the NLOI. In doing so, he always thinks three steps ahead.

He is above all a customer-focused man. The interests of his clients come first, although, combined with his northern common sense, he never loses his objectivity.

Jantinus Kloese has a long history in the field of circumstantial investigations and also has extensive management experience in the insurance world. He also knows Jaap Terhenne from there.

A few years ago the bond was renewed and they were reunited within NLOI.

Jantinus Kloese  - Attributes and incidents investigator