Hero Teun Strijbosch Bsc.

Teun Strijbosch Bsc.

"Knowledge gives you opportunities"

Teun Strijbosch is a fire investigator, certified by the International Association of Arson Investigators Inc. (IAAI) as a Fire Investigation Technician (FIT), with more than 18 years of experience in the maritime world of which the last 4 years exclusively focused on fire investigation for BMT Netherlands B.V.

In the six years that Teun has worked at sea, up to and including the rank of first mate all ships, he has gained a lot of knowledge in the field of maritime technology, managing different work cultures and working in teams with different nationalities and disciplines. As a result, Teun has built up a great capacity for empathy and a high degree of independence.

In 2008 he started as a maritime expert at BMT in which role he focused on the nautical side of maritime related claims. In the following years Teun has developed into an all-round maritime expert with experience in root cause analyses, collisions, container technology, safety management systems and auditing these, and the wide range of technology on board of (sea) ships.

In recent years, Teun has focused on fire and has gained extensive experience with over 200 fire investigations on buildings, vehicles, vessels, businesses and industrial complexes. Teun keeps his knowledge up to date by attending courses, reading professional literature and by means of 'learning by doing', through which he has proven himself to be a real doer.

With innovative investigation methods such as 3D visualisation and CT scans, evidence is mapped in great detail, so that the investigation goes beyond the findings at the site of the damage. These innovative investigation methods, the use of all available means, the search for cooperation with specialists and the enthusiasm are in line with Teun's motto 'all hands on deck'.

Teun Strijbosch Bsc. - Technical researcher IAAI-FIT