Hero What can we do for victims?

How do you ensure greater continuity and committed employees?

What can we do for victims?

NLOI helps you get more engaged employees and improve continuity


The NLOI combines research experience with knowledge of the insurance market and the elaboration of insurance policies. NLOI knows exactly which issues and actions are relevant for policyholders after a claim.

The propositions consist of the following components that can be used in sequence, separately or as a whole:

Damage assessments. This is the investigation of the direct cause of a claim. NLOI first analyses the available internal and external data and its quality. On the basis of this analysis, an investigation plan is drawn up that is implemented in phases. In this proposition, NLOI also supervises investigations by authorities, insurers or other parties.

Incident analysis. On the basis of an incident and/or damage, NLOI determines its underlying causes. Based on this, advice is drawn up to prevent new incidents and damage. The result is clear, pragmatic recommendations that can be implemented in the short and long term.

Culture and behavioural change. Now that we know that incidents are often caused by human error, NLOI supports companies in making the necessary changes to their safety culture. Based on the available research results, the appropriate change strategy is determined and implemented together with the company.

Prevention analysis. If an entrepreneur has not yet had any incidents or damage, he obviously wants to keep it that way. Because NLOI knows how and why things can go wrong, it uses this knowledge, together with its partners, to prevent future incidents and damage in the company. The result is a considerable reduction in the risk of disruptions to continuity.

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