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Looking for equality between parties?

Who are we?

We are the ones who create equality between parties and help prevent incidents

The Netherlands Research Institute NLOI is a network organisation in which experts in various fields and in varying compositions work together on incidents or damage or on preventing incidents or damage. With this flexible form of organisation, clients are assured of the right expertise, while they have a single point of contact who is in charge of the case or the project.

The network is formed by numerous specialists with years of experience in the areas of tactical and technical circumstantial investigation, fire investigation, safety consultancy, law enforcement, risk inspections and culture and behavioural change. Together, they work uniquely on behalf of victims to investigate the question of who is to blame, to find the underlying cause of an incident or damage and to prevent damage by changing culture and behaviour, among other things. NLOI never works for insurers or governments.

Since 2014, we have been working to ensure that all parties are on an equal footing when it comes to determining the question of fault and complying with rules and regulations concerning policy conditions and other contracts. Equality of arms. That is what we are all about.


The Ministry of Security and Justice has granted NLOI a so-called POB Licence (POB number 1439) that allows us to maintain a private investigation agency. This means that the investigators of NLOI have permission from the National Police to carry out investigative work. NLOI adheres to the Privacy Code of Conduct for Private Investigation Agencies as approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


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