Hero Methodology for prevention analysis

Actually improving the safety culture. How to do it?

Methodology for prevention analysis

How do you actually improve the safety culture?

How do you know that the prevention measures that the company has taken, or had to take, are actually being followed by the employees in the right way? And how do you ensure that employees understand the risks of their daily work and know what to do if things go wrong?

By now, we have learned a lot from all the claims we have supervised and investigated and we know how to ensure that employees actually comply with the obligations imposed by the government and insurer(s).

That sounds quite ambitious, and of course it is. But precisely because of our experience in improving people's behaviour, we can very well support companies in making various types of prevention analyses and proposals for improving safety cultures.

NLOI has several solutions that help employees to work safely and efficiently, taking into account the obligations of their employer. This way, others benefit from our experiences with other companies that have suffered damages!