Hero Because prevention is better than cure

So how do you ensure that your employees work safely and avoid harm?

Because prevention is better than cure

Fortunately, you have no damage yet, but you want to work safely so that no damage occurs. Or you are confronted with increasing safety obligations from governments and insurers. Often, however, working safely is not or not sufficiently embedded in the daily activities.

In the meantime, we ourselves have learned a great deal from all the damages we have assisted and investigated. We can safely say that we know exactly where companies need to improve so that damages can be prevented as much as possible. And we know how to ensure that your employees actually comply with the obligations imposed by the government and your insurer(s).

That sounds quite ambitious, and of course it is. Precisely because of our experience in improving people's behaviour, we can support companies very well in making various types of prevention analyses and proposals for improving the safety culture.

At NLOI, we have several solutions that help staff to work safely and efficiently, taking into account the employer's obligations. You will benefit from our experience with other companies that have suffered damage!