Hero Culture and behavioural change methodology

Culture or behavioural change. Where do you start?

Culture and behavioural change methodology

Changing behaviour is a complex issue. Where do you start? NLOI has aligned itself with the approach adopted by John Kotter, professor emeritus of leadership at the renowned Harvard Business School. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of change management.

We have translated Kotter's ideas into the following approach:

  • Create awareness: we help employees understand why change is important and discuss the reasons for taking immediate action.
  • Assemble a leading team: it is not NLOI that gets started! In consultation with clients, we put together a team with people who have the right qualities to lead change. Team members with leadership qualities, credibility, communication skills, authority, analytical skills and a sense of urgency are important.
  • Develop a vision and strategy for the change: it must be absolutely clear to everyone in the organisation why change is needed and how it will be done. We support you in this.
  • Make it possible to act: employees must feel confident to report unsafe situations. In fact, they should be rewarded for doing so. We use proven methods in the field of behavioural change.
  • Short-term success: it is extremely important that employees quickly see how successful the new approach is. This means that we can show organisations in a short period of time that it works!
  • Short and fast: don't give up, keep going and thus keep the spirit going. Make it happen!

Hearts & Minds

We use parts of the Hearts & Minds toolkit for the above steps.

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