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Do you also want your interests to be properly represented in the investigation of your claim?

Why support by NLOI?

When damage occurs and an insured wants to file a claim, it must be assessed whether the damage is covered by the insurance. Sometimes an insurer will call in an investigator to establish the circumstances: a so-called circumstantial investigator. Did you know that the insured has the duty to prove that the insurance covers the damages? Therefore, it is in the insured's best interest to be actively involved in the investigation at the earliest possible stage. That is, as soon as the insurer decides to call in an investigator after the claim has been reported.

As an entrepreneur, you have numerous obligations in the field of occupational health and safety legislation with regard to the safety of employees. There are also matters that must be regulated by law in the environmental field. And if there is a serious incident, the government wants to know whether the party that suffered the damage has complied with all these rules. NLOI supports victims in their investigation into the cause of an incident. We combine all the necessary expertise required for a decisive approach and a solid result, from intake to reporting.

By engaging us immediately after a claim is reported, we can prevent actions - usually not even intentional - that make it difficult or even impossible for the insured to meet their burden of proof. We work exclusively for insured parties and therefore represent the interests of the injured party in the investigation of damage. This creates equality between both parties.

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Do you also want your interests to be properly represented during the investigation of your claim?

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