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Elisa Benhaim

Legal problem solvers

Attorney Elisa Benhaim is a partner at Legaltree, and from the start of her career as a lawyer (2008) has specialised exclusively in economic criminal law.

Elisa represents companies, management and employees nationwide in various sectors including industry, construction, transport, waste and recycling. Elisa also assists private persons.

In her work, Elisa has almost daily contact with (special) investigating officers and supervisors of, among others, ISZW (the former labour inspection), IL&T, NVWA, FIOD and the police.


Elisa always promotes the interests of the company and/or (management/employee) who are unexpectedly involved in a criminal or administrative investigation.

Elisa deals with, among other things, industrial accidents that are the subject of a criminal or administrative investigation, environmental criminal cases, fraud cases, medical criminal cases and traffic criminal cases (including professional drivers who are suspected of being responsible for death). In addition, Elisa can advise on the filing of a criminal complaint and supervise the process.

The aim is to advise and assist the company and/or persons involved during the entire criminal or administrative process, which takes place immediately after the incident.

A company that has been affected by an incident (fire, explosion, industrial accident, etc.) is vulnerable. After such an incident, a lot will depend on the company. The authorities will soon be reporting and the persons involved will be questioned. At that moment it is unclear to the company what its rights and obligations are. Moreover, the consequences of its decisions at that time are difficult to oversee. Elisa has extensive experience in assisting companies during this entire process.

In many cases, an out-of-court solution is sought (avoiding a public hearing) in order to prevent further negative consequences for the company. In some cases, however, a public hearing cannot be avoided. In those cases, Elisa provides assistance prior to and during the court session.

Elisa has had an excellent cooperation for years with mrs. Martina Smit and Irini Dalpi of Van Steenderen MainportLawyers and Jaap Terhenne of NLOI. After an incident it is in the interest of the company to switch quickly between the specialists. It is important then that the specialists know how to work with each other and immediately know what to expect of each other. That is the added value of our team. The cooperation between NLOI, Van Steenderen MainportLawyers and Elisa Benhaim has proven its worth over the years.

Elisa Benhaim - Lawyer