Hero Yolande Brada

Yolande Brada

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether you are twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning, stays young."

Yolande Brada is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach and applies her knowledge and experience in business when it comes to understanding one's own safety culture. In addition, she is active in sports as an umpiring professional.

In business, Yolande has learned that attention to safety is crucial for the optimal functioning of the entire company, regardless of its own safety or that of the company. Everyone, at all levels, must be aware of the risks that exist, especially in production companies.  Whether it concerns the petrochemical industry, the packaging industry or any other form of manufacturing industry, there must be a continuous focus on the so-called HSE culture: health, safety and environment.

For NLOI, Yolande acts as a facilitator for, among other things, workshops and guiding processes of https://heartsandminds.energyinst.org in the field of safety culture. When behavioural change is desired, she uses her expertise for OBM projects in companies and organisations.

Yolande is a certified OBM Practitioner after she followed the course 'Organisational Behaviour Management' at the VU in Amsterdam, which is based on the scientific approach of Aubrey Daniels 'Bringing out the best in people'.  She is also a SpotlightProfile practitioner, a coaching tool - also with a scientific basis - that can be used to coach people or athletes under pressure and to make people in teams work together more effectively.

All this eventually led to Yolande - with her knowledge and experience in the profit and non-profit sector, her management background and her didactic and coaching skills - acting as an enthusiastic and driven facilitator. Her professionalism and her passion to let people develop themselves are reflected in the trainings and workshops she gives.

At the moment, Yolande is active on two fronts: in business as a facilitator and coach and in sport as a consultant and teacher-lecturer in the arbitration world through her own company and as project leader Arbitration (part-time) at NOC*NSF.

After a career spanning 45 years, Yolande has acquired the necessary expertise in many areas. She has always continued to learn and this has led her from executive secretary (secretary of the year 1989) through police spokesperson to manager (banking, hotel, sports) and finally to having her own company. This variety of functions and branches ensures that Yolande can empathise and put herself in different situations.

In addition to her social career, Yolande has dedicated herself from an early age to club life in various positions, and has been a referee in the national hockey league and at international tournaments. From 2000, she continued as umpire manager/coach at numerous events for both the European and international hockey associations, such as the Athens Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games and various European Championships and indoor world cups. She is an Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau.

Yolande Brada - Certified Practitioner OBM