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In search of truth

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Fire, devastation, chaos, countless parties flooding you with questions and facts about the calamity, such as permit providers, government, police and insurers' investigators. Because all these parties have a role to play in the settlement of the damage. Moreover, everyone has their own perspective on the calamity and is looking for the truth. But is there such a thing as 'the truth'?

One of NLOI's core tasks is to assist companies and individuals in the investigations carried out by insurers and other parties into the causes and circumstances of a loss.

The most important question in an insurance investigation is: is there coverage for this damage? Can I prove that it is a covered event? That obligation lies with you, the insured.

And that is exactly what we can help with. Of course, we do much more than that, but let's limit ourselves here to that damage investigation. We are called in by entrepreneurs to investigate the truth on their behalf. And now I hear you thinking: But doesn't the insurance company already investigate? Yes they do!

Reasons to investigate

Insurers do research for three reasons. Firstly: Is there negative involvement of the insured in the damage? In other words: is it the fault of the insured? Second: Have the policy and legal conditions been complied with? And thirdly, is recovery from a third party possible?

However, the insured also has other interests in a careful investigation. We assist insured parties because it appears that some investigations and their reports are incomplete. And sometimes statements are taken out of context. The NLOI uses a project-based approach to remedy such matters.

Just as there are contra-experts who come on behalf of the insured, there should also be an investigator involved in the investigations on behalf of the insured for every claim. Putting the client first. That is our opinion. That is why we work purely for the insured and ensure that their interests are served. And so we ensure - together with investigators from insurers - that the truth comes to light.